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Rubber Surfacing

Transforming spaces with durable rubber surfacing is our specialty at Ecovironment Solutions. With over 12 years of experience, our customers continually choose us for unmatched quality and service.

What is Rubber Surfacing?

Rubber surfacing involves applying rubber materials to surfaces for safety, durability, and aesthetics. It offers impact absorption, slip resistance, and durability, making it ideal for areas like playgrounds, pool decks, and driveways. It's low maintenance, versatile in design, and comes in various forms like rubber mulch, tiles, or poured-in-place rubber. Overall, it's a practical, safe, and visually appealing solution for many applications.

Rubber surfacing is suitable for a variety of places and applications where safety, durability, and aesthetics are important. Some suitable places for rubber surfacing include:

Playgrounds: Rubber surfacing provides cushioning and impact absorption, reducing the risk of injuries from falls on playgrounds.

Pool Decks: The slip-resistant and UV-resistant properties of rubber make it an excellent choice for pool decks, ensuring safety and durability in wet conditions.

Driveways: Rubber driveways offer a durable and low-maintenance alternative to traditional asphalt or concrete surfaces, with added safety benefits.

Pathways and Walkways: Rubber surfacing can create safe and comfortable pathways for pedestrians in parks, schools, and recreational areas.

Sports Surfaces: Rubber surfacing is often used in sports facilities, such as tennis courts, basketball courts, and tracks, providing shock absorption and traction.

Water Parks and Splash Pads: The non-slip and water-resistant properties of rubber make it an ideal choice for water play areas, ensuring safety for visitors.

Outdoor Seating Areas: Rubber surfacing can be used to create comfortable and durable outdoor seating areas in parks, cafes, and recreational spaces.

Eco-Friendly Rubber Curbing

Our rubber curbing, made from 100% recycled materials, provides exceptional border protection for playgrounds without the need for wood or concrete.

This durable curbing is securely anchored to the ground using spikes, which are filled and covered upon installation for added safety.

Its flexible design allows it to easily bend around curves, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing transition from surfacing to surface. Each piece is custom-made to order, guaranteeing a perfect fit for your unique play area.

Rubber curbing is perfect for a variety of situations, including:

- Playgrounds and Play Areas

- Gardens and Landscaping

- Sports Fields

- Walkways and Trails

- Commercial Properties

- Public Parks


- Residential Yards

Rubber Curbing

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