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CSA Z614 11.3.4 states the following;
"Every year, a comprehensive written report shall be completed by the owner/operator or its designate. The report shall document the results of the daily/weekly and monthly inspections, and the actions taken and planned, if necessary. The results of any protective surfacing testing undertaken during the
12 months shall be included, along with any actions taken. An owner/operator or designate can also undertake a comprehensive inspection every 12 months. If an annual comprehensive inspection is performed, the report shall document the results of the inspection and the actions taken. The annual report may be a compilation of monthly inspection reports.

Ecovironment Solutions inspects all playgrounds as per CSA Z614 and ASTM Standards. We provide a detailed report to put your mind at ease. As we all know our children are our greatest assets, lets do our part and protect them. 

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